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Evoversum -- a fast Darwinian evolution simulator en>fr fr>en
By pbazant Comments: 1, member since Mon Jul 11, 2011
On Mon Jul 11, 2011 10:40 AM

Finally, my hobby project got a name and a release. The program is called Evoversum and you may download Windows binaries at . . .
The sources are available through SVN. My goal is to implement only things that are essential for evolution. I am not interested in mimicking evolution as we know it on Earth -- I am rather interested in (Darwinian) evolution per se. For now, I focused solely on evolution of behaviour -- all the organisms have identical bodies. An example of evolved (not programmed by hand!) wall avoidance is the world maze.wld. There are no fundamental limits on the complexity of their behaviour. Give it a try and tell me, what interesting behaviours you have observed! Contributions and ideas are welcome. Contact me at